HPC in the public cloud

High Performance Computing (HPC) has become ubiquitous in numerous fields ranging from aerospace or biomedical engineering to computational intelligence. The completion of the most complex simulations in these fields requires HPC capabilities leveraging the use of many processors with high memory demands and fast I/O operations. It is now feasible to migrate some of the most advanced HPC applications to IaaS from the public cloud equaling, and in some specific cases even surpassing, the performance of on-premises clusters or supercomputers. Public cloud resources circumvent long procurement cycles and allow users to gain greater flexibility in resource utilization and upgrading, while also facilitating the use of “trial infrastructure” for projects requiring newer hardware or non-traditional configurations. Recent forecasts predict HPC to reach $44B by 2022 with about 15% of it expected to be generated from the use of public cloud resources. Odyhpc provides, among others, the following services:

  • Evaluation of IaaS for your organization needs and comparison of potential solutions from different cloud service providers
  • Migration of proprietary and/or  non-proprietary software to the public cloud
  • Optimized Amazon Machine Images (AMI) for some popular HPC apps, which can be used on AWS EC2 instances and clusters 
  • Dual on-demand/spot configuration & deployment to maximize production while lowering costs 

Odyhpc  specializes in the implementation of HPC in the public cloud. The new IaaS capabilities offered by cloud vendors allow organizations interested in HPC to tailor computational resources to specific project needs, thus benefiting from lower costs and increased flexibility.  We provide dedicated services to facilitate a smooth transition so that your organization, regardless of its size and focus, can take full advantage of IaaS. Small and midsized businesses can greatly benefit from the new technology, which gives them access to hardware traditionally reserved for large corporations, national laboratories and research universities. Among the new additions to the IaaS offering, several vendors now offer dedicated instances and baremetal servers able to handle the most demanding engineering and scientific software with equal or even superior performance to supercomputers, but without the need for an expensive upfront capital investment. Whether your goal is to migrate current software to the cloud (lift & carry) or to develop new applications able to take advantage of the new capabilities provided by the cloud, we can help you achieve your objectives.

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