HPC in the public cloud

High Performance Computing (HPC) has become ubiquitous in numerous fields ranging from aerospace and biomedical engineering to financial markets. It is now possible to leverage Cloud Service Providers’ Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to perform some of the most advanced simulations in science, economics, and engineering. Migration of some of the most advanced HPC workloads to the public cloud is currently under way as performance can equal and even surpass the performance of on-premises hardware. Odycloud can help your team achieve this migration, particularly if you are a small or medium-sized organization. We provide, among others, the following services:

  • Optimized Amazon Machine Images (AMI) for some common HPC apps, which can be used on AWS EC2 instances and clusters
  • Virtual Machine Images for Azure that includes optimized binaries of Numerical Weather Prediction and Air Quality Modeling apps
  • Evaluation of IaaS for your organization needs and comparison of potential solutions from different CSPs (Cloud Service Providers)
  • Migration of proprietary and/or non-proprietary software to the public cloud

Research supports this migration. Global expenditure in HPC is expected to grow about one third between 2021 and 2025, but HPC in the cloud is anticipated to nearly double in this period. Some of the fields expected to have the largest growth in the cloud include weather forecast, financial tools, geosciences, computer aided engineering, and electronic design automation among others.