Our Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) are available from the AWS Marketplace and provide a complete package to launch different HPC apps on AWS EC2. 

GUI for Numerical Predictions in the public cloud: Graviton3 & 3E

‘GUI for Numerical Predictions in the public cloud: Graviton3 & 3E’ is now available for the 7th generation of AWS EC2 instances powered by Graviton3. The GUI allows model users to download data, preprocess and run the apps within the same graphical environment. A GIS environment facilitates visualization and enhances user experience. The GUI also has the capability to copy files directly to and from S3 buckets so there is no need for external storage or other on-premises resources if so desired. The AMI is available from

Numerical Weather Prediction and Air Quality Modeling Integrated AMIs

These AMIs have dual functionality as they can be used to launch both single instances and clusters.

Numerical Weather Prediction on AWS Graviton2/3 with WRF and CMAQ (

User Guide v5.0.1 – (UG_Graviton_WRF_CMAQ_v5_0_1)

Odycloud Numerical Weather Prediction & Air Quality Modeling on AWS

These AMIs work better with Intel powered instances. Version 5.1.0 includes WRF v4.5.2.