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HPC solutions in the public cloud

  • Assessment of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for engineering and scientific software from different public cloud service providers
  • Evaluation of best solution for HPC applications in the public cloud
  • Benchmarking of proprietary and non-proprietary software using public cloud resources
  • Migration and tune-up of proprietary and non-proprietary software to cloud environments

Deployment/administration of IaaS systems

  • Customized deployment and administration of IaaS for your organization requirements


  • On-site workshops that offer instruction on the use of engineering/scientific software in cloud environments. It is customized to your team or organization needs and can cover from the most basic concepts to the deployment of large clusters   

Modeling & Data Visualization

  • CFD simulations of incompressible and compressible flow, turbulent flow (RANS, DES, LES), multiphase flow, and modeling of electronics cooling
  • Customized software solutions for modeling  thermal/fluid systems using open source tools
  • Tailoring of visualization tools