We have evaluated the performance of HPC software on IaaS from the public cloud for a wide range of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). The software encompasses both benchmark suites and apps used by a community of worldwide users. We have made some of these results public so that potential users can evaluate their options and potential performance.

In addition to performance, our assessments usually include cost analyses. However, any cost analysis must be evaluated very carefully. CSPs usually offer different prices based on conditions and payment methods. These conditions range from on-demand prices, where the user pays full price, to spot prices that carry very significant discounts when available. CSPs also offer large reductions for reserved jobs or projects but require a financial commitment by purchasing organization. Our cost analyses usually begin using on-demand prices is not necessarily the same price paid by the end-user. It is incumbent for any organization to evaluate the total cost of ownership.  If you need help with this subject, feel free to contact us directly.