HPC performance on CPU-core IaaS

Our assessments of HPC performance on CPU-core IaaS include specialized benchmark suites and app used by an international community. These suites include HPL, HPCG,  HPGMG,  GPCNET, STREAM and OSU Microbenchmarks, which target different aspects of HPC execution. These benchmark suites have been widely used to measure supercomputer performance. Some of these results are available and might be used as a starting point for evaluating IaaS. A summary of some of our early results were published in IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing: 

IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing

Additionally, we have benchmarked the performance of HPC apps ranging from Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) to non-linear partial differential equations solvers for engineering applications and Monte Carlo & Molecular Dynamics simulation codes. Some of these results directly apply to the performance of our images in the marketplace:  

  • WRF benchmarks (Fall 2020). Download pdf document [odywrf-202001]
  • WRF benchmarks (updated: Spring 2021).
  • MPAS benchmarks (Spring 2021)