Setting up the environment

After deploying the VM, you can connect to it using a secure shell app such as putty or Moba.


The image from the Marketplace is a generalized one so that it requires a minimal set-up before using the apps. This set-up is automated with the file azure_setup. To run it:

  1. Move to the /opt subdirectory (i.e. $ cd /opt)
  2. Run the file as user (not as root) and choose whether you are going to use EPYC 2 or EPYC 3 processors (e.g $ azure_setup zen2 or $ azure_setup zen 3). Here, the valid options are zen2, ZEN2, epyc2, EPYC2, zen3, ZEN3, epyc3 and EPYC3). If no option is specified, the setup will assume EPYC 2.
  3. Once the set-up is complete, you can move move to your home directory (i.e. $ cd or $ cd  /home/$USER) and the apps will be there.


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