Running WRF

The image has 2 versions of WRF and WRF-CHEM, the standard uses a single tile per MPI rank and the number of MPI ranks should equal the number of cores, not the number of vCPUs (we do not recommend running WRF in hyperthreaded mode although it is possible using the –oversubscribe flag when invoking MPI).

To run a case in for example a D96as_v4 VM, the command sequence would be:

  • $ cd /home/wrfuser/WRF-4.3.2/test/em_real
  • $ ./real.exe
  • $ mpirun -np 48 ./wrf.exe

This assumes that the namelist.input and meteorological files are located at /home/wrfuser/WRF-4.3.2/test/em_real (and that the username for the VM is wrfuser).