WRF, CMAQ  & CAMx Virtual Machine Image on Azure HPC

WRF, CMAQ & CAMx Virtual Machine Image on Azure HPC is an integrated image providing WRF for Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) and some of the most advanced Air Quality Modeling tools such as CMAQ, WRF-CMAQ and  CAMx. The VM image comes with the latest stable versions of WRF (v4.3.2), CMAQ (v5.3.3), WRF-CMAQ (v4.3-v5.3.3) and CAMx (v7.10). The apps included in the image have been optimized for best performance with AMD EPYC2 and EPYC3 processors. This optimization makes the image also ideal to be used with the newest Azure HPC VMs such as HB120rs_v2 and HB120rs_v3. WRF can be used either as single-tiled or as multi-tiled as the image include executables for both cases. The image also includes several pre/post-processing tools such as WPS, IDV, NCL, SMOKE or VERDI.

The VM image can be obtained directly from the Azure Marketplace: