Deployment of AWS cluster with custom odyhpc AMIs

These lines provide instructions on how to launch HPC clusters using custom AMIs from odyhpc. It is meant to be a complement to the official AWS ParallelCluster documentation (, which describes exhaustively all AWS ParallelCluster features. If you are familiar with AWS ParallelCluster, many of these steps will be familiar. If this is your first venture with AWS ParallelCluster, enjoy the journey and follow these instructions to get you started. Launching an HPC cluster is more involved than launching a single instance so feel free to contact us at any time or schedule a video conference if you would prefer a walk-through the different steps.

The process of launching an HPC cluster can be divided into several steps:

Basic functions

        i) Preliminary steps
        ii) Cluster design
        iii) Launching the cluster and connecting to it
        iv) Submitting jobs to the cluster scheduler
Advanced functions
        v) Using the master instance for high-performance display
        vi) Monitoring the cluster

The basic functions are easy to complete and will get your cluster up and running in a relatively short period of time.

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