Numerical Weather Prediction on AWS & AWS-Graviton2 with WRF

Tailoring your AMI

The WRF AMI provided by odyhpc is built with the latest stable version of the app and with a simple case. In early distributions this case is the January 2000 example ( However, this is a relatively simple case, and most users will want to compute much more complex cases. It is possible to use the provided WPS to build the files necessary a new case or to simply transfer them. If this new case is going to be reused several times or you wish to store it long-term, we strongly recommend using AWS EBS (Elastic Block Storage) and AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service), respectively.
Before launching the instance and building the new case, it is important to assess how much space will be needed. Most of our custom AMIs have little free space (usually around 10 or 20 GB) but, at the time of launching an instance, it is feasible to increase the available space. Using the console provides you with this feature in Step 4. You can select between increasing the size of the root volume or adding a new volume. The former is easy to select, and no further step is needed, whereas the latter requires mounting the new volume but has the advantage of dedicated EBS to that case (see the storage options section for more details).

Once the new case is available and any other tailoring is complete, you can build your own AMI by clicking on ‘Creating Image’ as shown in the screenshot or using the CLI.

The new AMI is available only to IAMs in your account. It has the same features as the original odyhpc AMI including its availability for launching clusters. However, and unlike the odyhpc AMI, it is available only in the region where created.

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