Deployment of AWS cluster with custom AMIs   (ii – cluster design)

Mandatory adjustments

The parameters discussed below constitute the minimum modifications necessary to launch a cluster. If this is the first-time using AWS ParallelCluster, pick one of the configuration files included in the AMI and complete the mandatory adjustments. After completing these steps, you should be ready to launch a cluster following the steps described in section iii.

[aws] section

The parameter aws_region_name is set to us-east-1 by default. It should be modified accordingly if the cluster is going to be launched in any other region.

The parameters aws_access_key_id and aws_secret_access_key must be set with the account credentials.

[cluster wrfcluster] section

The parameter key_name must be set to the name of your own keypair in the selected region.

The parameter custom_ami must be set to to the desired value. Here, it is important to keep in mind that although the AMI is the same across all regions, AWS assigns different IDs to each region. The ‘pcluster create’ command will produce an error message if it finds any discrepancy between AMI ID and region.

[vpc wrfvpc] section

This step assumes that that the cluster will use an existing VPC and subnet associated with your account. See advanced options for other network configurations. The IDs for these resources can be easily found in the VPC submenu of the console:

Copy these IDs and set the parameters master_subnet_id and vpc_id in the configuration script with them. Notice that depending on your choice of subnet, the cluster will launch in a specific AZ.

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