Deployment of AWS cluster with custom AMIs   (ii – cluster design)

AWS ParallelCluster provides great flexibility in the configuration of HPC clusters, which results in an exceptionally large number of potential designs. Hence, this step is the most involved but completing the mandatory adjustments suffice to launch a cluster with the integrated apps ready for production purposes.
Launching a cluster requires a configuration script describing cluster details. Instead of using the default file created at the time of running ‘pcluster configure,’ we recommend modifying your own (if you are an experienced AWS ParallelCluster user) or using one of the templates found at the CLUSTERs subdirectory in the AMI. As the number of different designs can grow over time, it is convenient to use your own naming & archival conventions; then, copy the file with the desired configuration into the ‘config’ file located in the base subdirectory that was created when running $pcluster configure.
The CLUSTERs subdirectory in the AMI also contains a file describing the cluster characteristics that will be launched for each script. These templates can be used with minimal modifications or recycled for further cluster tailoring.
The provided scripts in the AMI require a minimum of changes before launching. Some of these changes are mandatory, while others are optional.
        • Mandatory adjustments
        • Optional changes
        • Advanced options

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